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Cilengkrang expedition 0

Adhy Ws | Selasa, September 04, 2012 |

             01/09/12, In foot of mount Manglayang, at Forest conservation Cilengkrang area we are do a trip to find a life of flora and fauna in there. The team is consist of four person. There is adhy, cameramen and guide of plant, Deden Nurjaman, scientis of bird. Sahal, Scientis of Orchid , Juraiz Bawazier, a Scientis of primates. This is team are gone from the bootht follow the river until peak manglayang.
           We are past Pinus merkusii forest, and tracking in the ridge mount and crossing a small river. Until the high cliff in top of  manglayang. In this place, there is a good biodiversity better than bottom.Because the distance from the civilian houses.
          The results of this expedition is that we can find a variety of birds including woodpeckers 2 tail, yellow chest Meninting, Sri gunting hitam Dicrurus macrocercus, Puyuh batu Coturnix chinensis, Cangkurileng Pycnonotus aurigaster, 2 owl, Cekakak Halcyon chloris,  and Cabai Jawa Diaeum trochileum.
         And we found some of plant, there is a lot of Dadap Blendung, Kalayar  Cayaponia laciniosa, Seke bitung, awi surat, Uyun for made of sapu, Pulus bagong, Like a picung, Caryota mitis, Hoe bubuay, formation of kipeurih. In top of tebing there is a plant of asteraceae which like a Tithonia diversifolia, Kicaang, Bayur, Ficus, Lasianthus sterocorarius, Mimosa sp, Arecaceae, a trees which like longan and kedondong, Kipaceta, and some of Orchidaceae and Liana.
There’s not found of primate in here, but the residents say there is ebony leaf monkey trachypithecus auratus and Long tail monkey Macaca fascicularis in here, there live in top of manglayang and forest which a lot of Liana trees.

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