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Our Trip in Ternate Islands 2

Adhy Ws | Selasa, Maret 10, 2015 |

Our vacation to Obi island through the Ternate Islands. We must stop in the Archie hotel in Ternate near of Babulah airport for rest, because the regular sheep will go to there in the middle night. If you wanna go this, i have some recomendation place to visit in here.

1. Kedaton Kesultanan Babulah
There 3 days prohibition for visit in here. That are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, in this day kesultanan will do a ritual in this place, Only few time we can go here. On this place we will saw three flag, first. Indonesian flag, it’s mean Ternate place in Archipleago of Indonesia. The Second, is Yellow flag, it’s mean Sultan Ternate is places on the Kedaton. And Third is Black flag, it’s mean of sign of Kedaton flag.
Keraton Baabullah

2. Bacan Market
In the early of 2015, there are 57 stand of seller Bacan stone in here, near of Kedaton Babulloh. The stone is very nice, we will saw art of stone when we give the light (center) to this stone.

Stone Market in Ternate near of  Keraton Sultan Baabulloh
 3. Tolire lake
Tolire lake is a freshwater lake which have great of the Biodiversity. People of Tolire lake unknown how deep of Tolire lake, yet. According to the story of Tolire people, this place is a village in the last. And now, this place be one of tour destination. The water have green colour, very large lake in the bottom of Gamalama Mount. Tolire lake be a livelihood of Cacactua, Aceros, Hidrosaurus and Corocodile. Very nice picture will get in the our camera. Very, very nice.

Tolire lake, with dominan green colour

4. Sulamadaha Beach
Beach with black sand in sulamadaha be a characteristic of Ternate shore.

5. Batu Hangus
6. Benteng Kalimata

8. Get a picture of Gunung Tidore dan maramere
For indonesian people we can saw a pict which places in one thousand rupiah paper.

If you have long time trip, you can go with some ship from Ternate anchorage
Sumber Raya Ship anchored in a dock

Kira Fish in the traditional Market of Ternate

And the last is don't forget to enjoy and get relax in the morning sunrise at Falajawa Beach near from Your Hotel
Sunset in Falajawa Beach

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